“Mari Cruz” (Literary Death Match Finalist, 2016)

Little Wolf” (Goreyesque, 2015)

Life Science” (Little Fiction, 2014)

“M1A” (Lightspeed’s Women Destroy Science Fiction Issue, June 2014)*

Stevens, then Margie” (Necessary Fiction, 2014)

Bathe” (theNewerYork, 2014)

Nachtmare” (Gigantic Magazine, 2013)

The Art and Science of Growing Back Your Arm” (Flavorwire Short Story Contest Winner, 2013)

Concerning the Housewife” (Tin House, 2012)

“Final Arrangements” (Ooligan Press, Editor’s Choice Contest)

Glimmer Train Fiction Open Top 25 (2012)

NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge Finalist (2012)
*Winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology and named one of NPR’s Best Books of 2014


Book Reviews.

Our Secret Life in the Movies (The Rumpus)

The Wilds (The Rumpus)

2AM at The Cat’s Pajamas (The Masters Review)

The Vacationers (The Rumpus)

Justice, Inc. (Fiction Advocate)

Cutting Teeth (The Rumpus)

The Heaven of Animals (The Rumpus)

The UnAmericans (The Oregonian)

The Apartment (The Masters Review)

Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail (The Masters Review)

You Are One of Them (The Masters Review)



Benjamin Percy

Lemony Snicket

Ellen Datlow

Julia Elliott

Lev Grossman

Molly Antopol


The Masters Review.

Check out a project near and dear to my heart.

Essay: An Emotional Response – The Universal Story Structure

Essay: Fear Works – Scary Stories in Children’s Literature

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